Steve Bannon Is About To Have A Coronary Over MAGA Mike

Disheveled podcaster Steve Bannon feigned to want the government shut down over the migrant situation, but like his former boss, Donald Trump, he just doesn’t want anything helpful passed while Joe Biden is in power. On Wednesday, congressional leaders signed a short-term funding extension deal to head off a partial government shutdown. Bannon is big mad at MAGA Mike Johnson over the agreement.

“For the young nursing student to get to get murdered in cold blood by another illegal alien criminal,” Bannon said. “This is on our side, and yet the gutless — what they’re doing now is It’s not as bad as the dead deal that was done, but it’s in that it’s in the it’s in the same time zone.”

Those aren’t real sentences, Sloppy Steve.

“This is a full gutless collapse, and it shows that Johnson, and by the way, they reach out to me Hey, can we come on war room can we start coming to war room, no no interest,” Bannon continued. “When you grow a set, then you can come to the war room. But when you go over the White House, and you come out and talk, Oh, we’re gonna do the security the American border before security of other people, and you agree to this abomination.”

“This is why people hate politicians,” he added. “They’re gonna sit there and come back in the your in your districts and give you all the happy talk no. This is a moment of decision right now.”

Every time I write about this clown, I’m amazed at his vocabulary, which is at a second-grade level, but it makes sense that he was influential in the Trump administration.

By the way, shouldn’t Bannon be in prison? And his Trumpy bear has been underperforming in critical states. I don’t see Trump getting reelected. So stay salty, you miserable bitch.

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