Strolling Through Luxury: 6 Walkable and Free Things to do In Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, known for its luxury and Hollywood glamour, surprisingly offers a wealth of cost-free activities waiting to be discovered. With a walk score of 75, it’s a pedestrian’s dream, making it easy to explore without spending a dime. 

Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Beverly Hills, or just passing through, this Redfin article shares six free things to do in Beverly Hills by foot. Dive in and experience the charm of this iconic Californian enclave, showcasing that luxury and accessibility can indeed coexist.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

1. Golden Triangle

Beverly Hills’ renowned Golden Triangle, formed by Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard, offers a unique blend of high-end shopping, exquisite dining, and cultural experiences. Stroll along Rodeo Drive to admire luxury storefronts and perhaps spot a celebrity or two. Wilshire Boulevard houses several art galleries and museums, including the iconic Paley Center for Media, which is free to members. Santa Monica Boulevard is dotted with cafes and entertainment venues such as the Troubadour.

2. Beverly Gardens Park

Beverly Gardens Park, spanning 22 blocks in the city’s heart, is a serene oasis perfect for a leisurely walk. The park features cactus and rose gardens, the historic Doheny Fountain, and the iconic Beverly Hills sign. It’s an ideal spot for exploring beautiful green spaces and sculptures while escaping the urban hustle and bustle.

Beverly Hills sign in California

3. Westfield Century City

Discover the world-class Westfield Century City open-air shopping center for those seeking additional retail therapy options or window shopping right outside Beverly Hills city limits. The center boasts an impressive array of boutiques, department stores, and eateries. Stroll through its stylish promenades, browse the latest fashion trends, or catch a movie at the AMC Century City 15. 

4. Spadena House

A hidden but notorious gem in Beverly Hills, the Spadena House, commonly known as the Witch’s House, is a whimsical fairytale-like cottage with a storybook charm. While you can’t go inside, you can appreciate its quirky architecture from the street. This architectural marvel, resembling a gingerbread house straight out of a fairy tale, provides a fascinating and free photo opportunity for architecture enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Woman on her phone while walking through Beverly Hills,CA

5. South Beverly Drive dining

South Beverly Drive is a gastronomic paradise offering diverse culinary delights, including the vibe-y Urth Caffé. While dining here is not entirely free, you can savor the atmosphere and enjoy sights and sounds without spending a dime. Browse the menus displayed outside eateries, sample local cuisine, and enjoy the vibrant ambiance of this restaurant-lined boulevard. 

6. Coldwater Canyon Park

Nestled within The Flats of Beverly Hills, relax within the serene natural oasis of Coldwater Canyon Park. This public park features picturesque hiking trails, shaded picnic areas, and scenic overlooks. Take a tranquil walk amidst native flora, enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, or relax in the park’s peaceful ambiance. Coldwater Canyon Park is a convenient and cost-free destination for those looking to reconnect within Beverly Hills’ urban surroundings.

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