Swalwell Compares Standing With Trump To Standing With Terrorists

Rep. Eric Swalwell joined Jim Acosta on CNN to discuss the Republican dysfunction currently crippling Congress and, specifically, Speaker Mike Johnson and his failure to stand up to Donald Trump and get anything meaningful done to help our allies.

Pointing out how Trump single-handedly killed the FISA bill reauthorization by posting a Truth Social post and directing the Republicans to kill it, Jim Acosta made the point that we all know is true – Donald Trump is the real Speaker of the House. Can you imagine if Barack Obama was directing Nancy Pelosi through Twitter posts??? It would never have happened. FOX would have lost their collective minds. But, they are fine with Trump doing it.

Putting it as bluntly as possible, Rep. Swalwell said:

“Standing with Trump when it comes to national security means standing with terrorists… standing w/Trump as it relates to Ukraine means standing with Putin, & standing with Trump as it relates to the border means standing with chaos & disorder”

Defendant Donald Trump does not put America first. He puts Trump first, Putin second. He does not care about anyone but himself. He is not running for President to lead the country. He is running for President to stay out of prison. And the Republicans have collectively removed their spines, brains and souls and have given everything away in fealty to King Trump.

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