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Apparently, there are passages in the graphic novel that are “inappropriate” for impressionable teens, as if teenagers aren’t supposed to read about how other teens thought and felt.


Source: The Guardian

A Texas teacher was fired after assigning an illustrated adaptation of Anne Frank’s diary to her middle school class, in a move that some are calling “a political attack on truth”.

The eighth-grade school teacher was released after officials with Hamshire-Fannett independent school district said the teacher presented the “inappropriate” book to students, reported KFDM.

The graphic novel, written by Ari Folman and illustrated by David Polonsky, adapts the diary of 13-year-old Anne Frank, who wrote while hiding in an annexe in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

The district sent an email to parents on Tuesday, notifying them that the book, which district officials say was not approved, would no longer be read.

“The reading of that content will cease immediately. Your student’s teacher will communicate her apologies to you and your students soon, as she has expressed those apologies to us,” read the email, reported KFDM.

By Wednesday, district officials had emailed parents, informing them that the teacher had been fired following an investigation into the incident.

And where are these complaints coming from? People like Moms for Liberty, of course. via The Associated Press:

A high school along Florida’s Atlantic Coast has removed a graphic novel based on the diary of Anne Frank after a leader of a conservative advocacy group challenged it, claiming it minimized the Holocaust.

“Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation” was removed from a library at Vero Beach High School after a leader of Moms for Liberty in Indian River County raised an objection. The school’s principal agreed with the objection, and the book was removed last month.

The book at one point shows the protagonist walking in a park, enchanted by female nude statues, and later proposing to a friend that they show each other their breast

Ali Velshi featured the story on his show.

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