Thailand approves crypto tax break to boost its digital economy

Thailand’s cabinet approved a tax exemption measure for crypto earnings to boost the country’s competitive edge in digital finance.

This strategic move targets earnings derived from investment tokens, granting investors a significant advantage by exempting these profits from personal income tax calculations. According to local reports, the policy will take effect on January 1, 2024.

The policy underscores the government’s recognition of digital tokens as a crucial fundraising tool for local businesses.

Dr. Kulaya Tantitemit, the Director-General of the Revenue Department, highlighted the initiative’s potential to enhance Thailand’s position as a financial hub. The exemption applies specifically to income earned from holding or transacting in investment tokens, provided the tax was already deducted at source. This measure offers a clear incentive for current and prospective investors in the burgeoning digital token sector.

Thailand is taking several measures to make its economy more crypto-friendly. Earlier this week, the country’s SEC provided the green light for asset management firms to launch spot Bitcoin ETFs, which continue to draw large institutional investments in the U.S. 

The Revenue Department forecasts that the tax exemption policy will drive an estimated 18.5 billion baht in investment token fundraising within 2023 alone. This anticipated influx of capital promises to invigorate the Thai economy, facilitating business expansion, job creation, and overall economic growth. 

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