The 4 Reasons Mitch Is One Of The Worst Senators In Our History

Mitch McConnell’s one of the more loathsome figures to exist in American politics over the past four decades. While he’s almost seemed…human adjacent, compared to the troglodytes who’ve entered the U.S. Senate–Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Rick Scott, Ted Cruz–here’s the thing: Most of these cretins wouldn’t be there, radicalizing American politics and threatening our republic, if it weren’t for Moscow Mitch.

McConnell set out to accomplish a number of things from the moment he arrived in the Senate in 1985 with a bare 6,000-vote victory (oh, how 3,001 voters in Kentucky could’ve changed our timeline for the better, had they made a better choice), and he set out to methodically remake U.S. politics in partnership with Reagan, and later even more nefarious forces, from Karl Rove to his on-again/off-again fling with Donald Trump, to create a country where the very stability of our democracy is at risk.

It would simply be dishonest to not note that at most, only a half dozen other human beings had as much to do with placing us here as did Mitch. Cliff Schecter, in this video (Cliff both worked against McConnell in 2002, and warned us in a Washington Monthly piece in 2004 how dangerous he was. Sadly, he was right).

Watch this video he produced on the four reasons–the four things that set McConnell apart in his destructiveness to American democracy. Then subscribe to Cliff’s Youtube channel for more enlightening content like this!

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