The FBI Skipped Searching A Locked Closet At Mar-A-Lago

Jack Smith’s prosecution team has questioned several witnesses about a closet and a so-called “hidden room” inside Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago that the FBI didn’t check while searching the estate in August 2022. Via ABC News:

As described to ABC News, the line of questioning in several interviews ahead of Trump’s indictment last year on classified document charges suggests that — long after the FBI seized dozens of boxes and more than 100 documents marked classified from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate — Smith’s team was trying to determine if there might still be more classified documents there.

According to sources, some investigators involved in the case came to later believe that the closet, which was locked on the day of the search, should have been opened and checked.

As investigators would later learn, Trump allegedly had the closet’s lock changed while his attorney was in Mar-a-Lago’s basement, searching for classified documents in a storage room that he was told would have all such documents. Trump’s alleged efforts to conceal classified documents from both the FBI and his own attorney are a key part of Smith’s indictment against Trump in Florida.

Jordan Strauss, a former federal prosecutor and former national security official in the Justice Department, called the FBI’s alleged failure to search the closet “a bit astonishing.”

Whatever was in that closet, you know it’s probably in Ivana’s grave by now.

And Smith can’t request another warrant unless he gets fresh information indicating what’s in the closet.

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