The good, the bad, and the hilarious: 7 iconic crypto tweets we can’t forget

From moon predictions to market madness, we revisit the most memorable tweets in crypto’s history.

We’ve all encountered those tweets — from the audacious moon-landing promises and “I-should’ve-just-HODLed” moments to the euphoria of bull markets. Each has left its mark (and occasionally, a dent) on the crypto sphere.

So, whether you’ve dabbled in a bit of Bitcoin (BTC) or you’re here for some entertainment, let’s dive into these byte-sized texts and see how they have fared over time.

From power-hungry to green-hungry

In September 2022, Ethereum (ETH) underwent a landmark transition. And who better to herald its triumphant march from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) than the platform’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin?

With Ethereum’s reputation having been tarnished over the years for being an energy guzzler, this change was Ethereum’s pledge to become more environment-friendly. 

Fast forward a year, and the eco-conscious move seems to be paying off in both green creds and digital street creds. As of Sep 14., PayPal and Netflix are racking up 100x more energy than the new-and-improved ETH PoS. 

The times are indeed changing, and Ethereum’s switch has proven to be both a feel-good and do-good transformation.

Do Kwon’s 60-day humbling

It’s always wiser to tweet humbly. Do Kwon, the main man behind Terra (LUNA) and UST, learned this lesson the hard way.

March 2022 rolled around. An enthusiastic crypto observer predicted that if LUNA soared, he’d go all-in on shorting it, even suggesting it was a “ponzi” scheme. Do Kwon, never one to back down, quipped back, “Yeah, but your size is not size.”

But by May, the winds had shifted dramatically. The UST-LUNA pair decoupled from their peg. With UST’s value spiraling toward a near-zero mark, Kwon poured in more funds in a frantic attempt to steady the ship. 

Regrettably, for Kwon and many investors, both LUNA and UST nosedived, wiping out billions in the blink of an eye.

The lesson? Perhaps it’s that in the world of crypto, a little tweet humility goes a long way. And as for Kwon’s Twitter confidence? Well, that took a bit of a tumble, too.

The hypocrisy hangover

Back in 2019, Celsius Network was all about championing the freedom of your funds. Their main pitch? A world where your money was truly yours, without the constraints and grip of traditional banking. “#UnbankYourself” was their battle cry, and many heeded the call, lured by promises of profits without penalties.

Yet, by June 2022, things took a dramatic turn. The very platform that preached unlimited access to one’s funds suddenly halted withdrawals. And the irony peaked a month later when they declared bankruptcy.

In hindsight, maybe their initial tweet should’ve read, “Are they really your funds? A reminder for all, especially in the crypto world: always be careful of the promises you tweet; they might just come back to haunt you.

From “poster boy” to “oops boy”

August 2022 showcased Sam Bankman-Fried, better known in the crypto corridors as SBF, being celebrated as the unsung hero steering the crypto community. He wasn’t just another name; he was the name.

Fast forward to November, and that star didn’t just dim; it imploded. FTX, once a paragon of stability, came crashing down in spectacular fashion, evaporating billions of investor funds. 

From the pinnacle of admiration to the depths of disbelief, it was a wild three-month ride for SBF.

El Salvador’s historic leap

Amidst the chaos and uncertainties of the crypto world, sometimes, a glimmer of hope shines bright. And back in September 2021, it was none other than Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, who held the torch high. 

With a tweet as simple as “In 3 minutes, we make history,” he set the stage for a game-changing moment.

What followed was monumental. El Salvador didn’t just flirt with Bitcoin – they went all in, officially making BTC a legal tender and becoming the first country to take this historic leap, proving that crypto had the power to rewrite the rulebook amidst the chaos.

The digital gold rush

Back in the 1990s, the Internet was just stretching its legs. Remember the joy of hearing the dial-up connection successfully connect? 

By 1997, the Internet had gathered a certain number of enthusiasts, much like Bitcoin’s user base today. An observant user made this comparison but pointed out something even more interesting.

While the Internet’s growth was remarkable for its time, Bitcoin seems to be on a turbocharged path. If predictions hold, Bitcoin could amass a user base of one billion in the next few years. That’s like experiencing the Internet’s growth from 1997 to 2005 but at hyper-speed for Bitcoin.

Greg’s ever-expanding regret-o-meter

Back in 2011, Greg Schoen made a move that, at the time, seemed pretty savvy. He’d snapped up Bitcoin when it was just $0.06 a pop and cashed in for a tidy fivefold return at $0.30. Sounds smart, doesn’t it? 

However, Bitcoin decided to throw a curveball and shot up to $8. Greg, realizing his premature celebration, took to Twitter to share his amplified regret. 

But here’s where the fun kicks in. Had Greg Schoen just held onto those 1,700 BTC, he’d now be lounging on a cool $45.9 million with today’s BTC price of around $27,000. For a bit of perspective: with that kind of money, Greg might’ve found himself in the same swanky circles as celebs like Mila Kunis or Ashton Kutcher.

While most of us regret that extra dessert or not learning the guitar, Greg’s regrets have definitely leveled up. Somewhere, Greg is out there, probably wishing he had a time machine.

Read with caution

While it’s tempting to take every tweet as gospel, remember that even the most confident predictions can take a 180° turn. It’s like trusting Greg’s Bitcoin-selling instincts—looks good at first, but hindsight is 20/20!

As you navigate this digital domain, always corroborate information from multiple trusted sources. The crypto sphere, like any other industry, has its nuances and complexities and knowledge is your compass.

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