The Real Battle Of The Defense Budget Is About Abortion Funds

No governance, just culture wars!

“Republicans are specifically defending an amendment passed in the House’s annual defense spending bill last week that blocks the Pentagon from covering the expenses for women in the military who need to travel out of state to have an abortion procedure,” Jonathan Lemire said on Morning Joe.

“Here is what Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, as well as Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas, had to say yesterday about that measure.”

“Shouldn’t all troops, regardless of where they’re stationed, get the same treatment? Why penalize them for living in Texas?” Margaret Brennan asked on Face The Nation.

“The military should not be paying for abortion tourism,” Cotton said.

“What should women who are in uniform in a place where they cannot access abortion, because they are there on orders, what should they do?”

“Well, if they want to take that step, they have 30 days of annual leave. It shouldn’t be taxpayer funds giving them three weeks of paid, uncharged leave.”

Abortion “tourism.” That tells you right there what we’re dealing with.

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