The Stable Genius Tries To Play Dumb But No One Is Buying It

A reporter asked whether Donald Trump would use campaign funds to pay off his steep tab for penalties in the E. Jean Carroll case. The shit must be hitting the fan with Trump. He’s now trying to play dumb as if he’s unaware of the whopping $83.3 million more than the former President owes the author because he kept defaming her. That’s on top of the $5 million he lost in court to Carroll. It’s hard to keep up with his list of cases, but he should be able to.

Even though a jury awarded Carroll the $83.3 million, which was featured in most headlines in prominent newspapers, Trump said, “What penalties?” Trump, whose mental acuity has recently been questioned, said, “I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s been proven as far as I’m concerned.”

That’s not his call, though.

The question was simple:

Do you plan to try to use campaign funds or PAC money to try to pay some of the penalties in the New York defamation and fraud cases?

Trump could have been confusing this case with his civil fraud trial, also in New York, where he is accused of routinely inflating the value of Trump Organization assets. But then he wouldn’t say it’s been proven that he didn’t do anything wrong. Trump is awaiting the results in this case brought by state attorney general Letitia James, seeking $370 million in fines. Again, that wouldn’t make sense, though. And, holy shit, that dumb motherfucker is making me question myself.

No one believes him:

This right here:

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