The Top Four Trends Fashion Lovers Are Saving on Their Coachella Pinterest Boards

In preparation for Coachella (now just weeks away), music festival attendees have searched tens of millions of ideas related to Coachella on Pinterest with four key trends rising to the top: 2014 core, fairycore, Lana Del Rey core and dark feminine core.  

Sara Pollack, vice president of global consumer marketing at Pinterest, said that searches for Coachella start spiking as early as January, giving an early peek into what trends are likely to be popular throughout the festival season. Notably, 40 percent of festival-related searches on Pinterest are driven by Gen Z.

“People turn to Pinterest to find inspiration, figure out what’s right for them and shop their visions into reality,” Pollak said. “We see a frenzy of that activity among our Gen Z users every year when it comes to festival season, starting with Coachella.”

A top trend seen in Coachella-related Pinterest searches includes “2014 core,” a nostalgic twist on festival looks from a decade ago. “2014 core” saw searches up 1,240 percent year-over-year with popular micro-trends including crochet designs, lace pants that are flared, fur boots and accessories like ear cuffs and nose rings. Flower headpieces for headpiece jewelry were also popular with a 150 percent increase in yearly searches.

With a 2,200 percent increase in year-over-year searches, “fairycore outfits” is the most whimsical trend popping out for Coachella this year. Pinterest’s data shows that fairycore has been on the rise and nods to people wanting to escape their realities by dressing up. Users looked for fairy-inspired beauty with “sugar plum fairy makeup” seeing a 1,900 percent increase in searches, “boho Fulani braids” seeing a 4,000 percent increase and “fairy-inspired nails” seeing a 340 percent increase.

Street style at Coachella 2023Street style at Coachella 2023

Street style at Coachella 2023

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On theme for music festivals and a Gen Z favorite, “Lana Del Rey core” has seen a 300 percent increase in searches related to Coachella this year. With this trend, attendees plan to channel the artist’s vintage-style look with corsets, tulle and pearl and bow accessories. Searches for “mini corset dresses” were up 100 percent and “simple tulle dresses” were up 200 percent. Bow jewelry saw a 1,764 percent increase while “bow nails” and “balletcore nails” saw a 6,430 percent and 1,100 percent increase in searches respectively.

Pinterest’s final stand-out trend for Coachella is “dark feminine core” with a 160 percent increase in searches related to festival season. The trend questions conventional femininity and comfort zones. Those who searched “dark feminine core” are looking to incorporate “elegant corset dresses” (1,400 percent search increase), “red wine nail color” (1,780 percent search increase) and “black furry boots outfits” (560 percent search increase) into their festival wardrobes in addition to smokey brown eye shadow, silver nose rings, high leather boots and leather pants.

In addition to helping Coachella and music festival attendees plan looks, Pinterest will be helping these trends come to life with an on-the-ground activation called The Pinterest Manifest Station. Pollack said the company is “excited to be taking a more active role in helping people navigate those trends. [We’ll] bring the [inspiration] and festivalgoers can make the trends their own.”

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