Thousands Of Flights Canceled Or Delayed By Northeast Storms

According to CNN this morning, we have 280 flight cancellations this morning, and 850 delays. This is an improvement!

“Compared to yesterday, 1750 flights cancelled. In the top five for cancellations this summer. 9800 flights delayed. When you put it into context, 40% of all flights scheduled in the U.S. yesterday were delayed. That makes it the top four delays this summer. Pretty incredible,” said Pete Muntean, CNN’s aviation correspondent.

“The average delay, an hour and 10 minutes. The worst airports, no surprise: Newark, JFK and LaGuardia. The FAA is especially hard hit right now because of the shortage of air traffic controllers. Ground stops in Philadelphia.

“Listen to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby. He said with climate change comes more extreme weather and then we’ll see even more and more cancellations and delays. United had its own meltdown the last week of June but he said this time, no airline is safe. Listen.”

Regular operations are going to be more likely to occur as the climate warms and thermodynamics 101 we’re going to have more thunderstorms.

“The FAA is already warning of ground stops today in New York and also in central and south Florida, so we’ll see as the day goes on and these thunderstorms build, a big downfall of things especially in the afternoon. We’ll see as this day goes.”

Ahem. I’d just like to point out that the same people who screamed about a pandemic lockdown and how it restricted them from living their lives are curiously mild and docile about the fossil fuel-induced extreme weather that makes it almost impossible to make reliable plans on a summer weekend.

In fact, I’ll bet they’re the same MAGA idiots on social media now saying, “It’s summer! It’s supposed to be hot!”

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