Tim Scott: Workers Who Go On Strike Should 'Absolutely' Be FiredKevin McCarthy: 'It's Hard To Pass Anything In This Place'

Presidential hopeful Sen. Tim Scott must not have gotten the memo. When running for the White House, the union vote is coveted. It’s so coveted that Scott Walker hoodwinked unions before launching a war on unions after he secured the governorship. That set up a recall effort. So, in the case of Republicans, they’re supposed to lie like Walker did. Just pretend like you care, Tim.

Not Tim Scott, though. American Bridge has Scott on video telling a room full of people that he would “fire” striking workers.

“Ronald Reagan gave us a great example when federal employees decided they were going to strike,” Scott said. “Either you strike, you’re fired.”

“Simple concept to me,” he added. “To the extent that we could use that once again, absolutely.”

I wouldn’t use Reagan as an example. He once gave striking air traffic controller workers forty-eight hours to get back to work, or he would fire every single one of them. Back then, the air traffic controllers wanted to be treated and paid more like pilots because they felt their job was just as important. Imagine that. Wanting fairness at your job.

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