Tom Cotton Pushes US Troops As A 'Viable Solution' To Invade Gaza

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Sunday suggested U.S. troops could be deployed into Gaza during Israel’s war with Hamas.

During an interview on Fox News, host Shannon Bream asked Cotton about the possibility of using U.S. special forces to extract hostages.

“Well, we should certainly be open to that,” Cotton insisted. “I mean, we have elite special operations forces who are specifically trained in hostage rescue. I do think we have to be deferential to Israelis to the Israeli government and Israeli defense forces about the tactical situation on the ground.

“But if American military forces are called upon and provide a viable solution to get out American citizens and the citizens of Israel or other nations, and we have to be open to that,” he said. “But again, it’s not just those small special operations units that we have trained. We also have aircraft carriers in the region.”

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