Toncoin soaring; NuggetRush presale gains traction amongst P2E fans

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Toncoin (TON) is up by over 35%. This follows the key announcement made by Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram. Meanwhile, NuggetRush (NUGX) is increasingly being explored by investors.

Toncoin gains 35%

On Feb. 28, 2024, TON, The Open Network blockchain’s native token, surged by over 35%.

Durov notified the community that from March, developers will receive financial rewards for their content. With Telegram’s broadcast channels having one trillion views monthly, the move is a monumental shift in the content monetization landscape.

For now, only 10% of the views have been monetized via Telegram Ads. But, from March, the platform will open up for advertising in a hundred new nations. This initiative is unique since it relies entirely on TON’s blockchain for payments and withdrawals, and Toncoin will facilitate revenue sharing.

Nonetheless, Durov recognized the issues raised by stakeholders about the potential for Telegram to own a chunk of TON due to exclusive ad sales.

To resolve these challenges, Telegram has a strategic plan to limit its share of TON to about 10% of the total supply.

Telegram will sell its surplus TON to long-term investors in a lockup and vesting plan lasting one to four years. The sales will be done at a discounted rate compared to the market price, helping incentivize large investors to participate while locking up free-floating coins.

On March 4, TON was trading at $2.68, up 27.18% in the past week.

NuggetRush: Unleashing crypto potential with P2E innovation and gold-backed RUSHGEMs

NuggetRush offers multiple utilities.

Although its focus on the meme culture has attracted an active and dedicated community, the expected impact of its play-to-earn (P2E) functionality is expected to influence prices.

Besides offering investment options for the artisanal miners in developing countries, NuggetRush is also a player-operated NFT marketplace.

RUSHGEM NFTs are exchangeable for physical gold.

As part of its roadmap, NuggetRush plans to launch a DEX launch, initiate community ownership transfer, and renounce its smart contracts.

In the ongoing presale, NUGX is available for $0.019. However, the token will list for $0.020.

So far, the project has sold over 206 million NUGX, raising in the excess of $2.6 million.

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