Top 10 best plug-in hybrid executive cars 2023

But for all its grunt, this is no out-and-out sports saloon, its slightly aloof handling balance and uninspiring engine note sapping your desire to push on. That said, it steers with decent accuracy and clings on well; though ultimately this is a car that prefers the easy life, which is no bad thing if you spend you time plying motorways and crawling through congested city streets. Acceleration is brisk enough in near-silent electric mode, while the ride fells plush and relaxed at a cruise.

There’s also a less powerful, 350bhp T6 option, but that’s only available in the V60 estate, which is a load-lugger than majors more on style than space. Either way, with its impressive EV range, top notch interior, easy-going driving experience and relatively low running costs, it’s great choice for business-savvy drivers.

Pros: handsome alternative looks, plenty of practicality, decent value

Cons: lower-powered PHEV a little slow, unrefined when working hard

Picking a new executive car with low company car tax qualification is one thing; but finding one that’s also well-priced, and versatile enough for daily family life, is a different challenge entirely.

Lots of the cars in this list may be cheap on BIK, but they’re certainly not cheap on list price. But the Peugeot 408 Hybrid offers a happy triumvirate combination of a sub-£40,000 starting price, a 40-mile-plus electric range (for eight per cent BIK tax qualification), and SUV-lite crossover hatchback practicality.

The 408 is a mid-sized, medium-rise crossover with comfortable cabin space for adults in both rows, and a roomy hatchback-style boot; a jacked-up modern shooting brake of a kind, and quite alternatively appealing with it.

To drive, it’s a slightly mixed bag. The car’s ride and handling are quite fluent and idiosyncratically French in feel; although the hybrid powertrain is certainly at its best at a fairly relaxed paced, seldom feeling particularly powerful, and getting quite strained and a little flustered with with gearshifts when worked hard.

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