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With 2023 coming to a close, we have collected together our most-read essays of the year.


On Beyoncé | Okechukwu Nzelu

‘Renaissance gives back, by reminding Black queer people what it’s like to be in our most sacred spaces.’

Okechukwu Nzelu on Beyoncé.


My Time Machine | Arthur Asseraf


‘How do we imagine the past of those we love?’

Arthur Asseraf on family and fractured memories.


For the Love of Losing | Marina Benjamin

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‘Winning, it turns out, was the cracking whip that meant gamblers had to stay where they were until they lost their money all over again.’

Marina Benjamin on losing.


Jealous Laughter | Joanna Biggs

JL 6

‘She could not make me see my best qualities, but she could sit with me.’

Joanna Biggs on literary friendships between women.


Reproducing Paul | Des Fitzgerald

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‘Having a child, I came to see, was more a kind of haunting.’

An essay by Des Fitzgerald.


Beyond Deep Throat | Part I | Saskia Vogel

Deep Throat poster website

‘The eye wants to see its fill, the I wants to see how it feels.’

Saskia Vogel on the foundational stories of pornography.


Last Week at Marienbad | Lauren Oyler


‘The only thing on the schedule was spa.’

Lauren Oyler on her trip to Marienbad.


Cairo Song | Wiam El-Tamami

Tamami feature

‘I see this everywhere. The creativity, resourcefulness and incredible talent for improvisation in Egypt.’

Wiam El-Tamami on returning to Cairo.


The Killing of a Berlin Power Broker | Peter Richter


‘Why does the centre of Berlin look like an abandoned shopping mall on the edge of Omaha?’

An essay from Peter Richter, translated by Shaun Whiteside.


Particular Matter | Amitava Kumar

Mustard Fields 3.jpgfor round up

‘India, as we know it, is changing. What will it become?’

Memoir by Amitava Kumar.


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