Top Reads 2023 | Fiction

With 2023 coming to a close, we have collected together our top ten fiction pieces from the year.


Nothing Special | Nicole Flattery

‘There was very little I could do in life except get dressed, smoke the correct cigarettes.’

An extract from Nothing Special by Nicole Flattery.


The Nonce | Alison Rumfitt


‘He’ll be a goner soon; the cops will find him hanging in his loo.’

Fiction by Alison Rumfitt.


Doubtful Sound | Eleanor Catton

catton top reads

‘I knew that Dominic had cheated on me. I couldn’t tell you when, or who, or how many times, but I was certain that he had.’

Fiction by Eleanor Catton.


Tantrum | Lucie Elven

elven top reads

‘When I looked back, I felt a jolt – some forgotten, tearful part of me becoming magnified. Why would you stay with a person wielding a broom or an axe?’

New fiction from Lucie Elven.


Barbarism | Allen Bratton


‘He is an ancestor, he has had his son, he has lost possession of the world.’

Fiction by Allen Bratton.


A Dying Tongue | Sarah Bernstein

bernstein top reads

‘What needs explaining was that, and it was a funny thing, a very funny thing, I did not speak the language.’

An extract from Study for Obedience by Sarah Bernstein.


The Tupperware Party | Montserrat Roig


‘We’re going to go crazy today, Merche exclaimed and then let out an electric shriek.’

Fiction by Montserrat Roig, translated by Julia Sanches.


Ocoee | Kwame McPherson


‘I was alone and isolated. But I was not scared.’

Fiction by Kwame McPherson.


Universality | Natasha Brown

brown top reads

‘She boils her sentences down to high-sucrose sweeties and calibrates her tone for maximum engagement.’

Fiction by Natasha Brown.


Animals After Dark | Avigayl Sharp

animals after dark

‘I was not a strong mayor. I was an email. I was a little bit high.’

A short story by Avigayl Sharp.


Feature Image © Cathy Labuduk

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