Tough Guy Markwayne Mullin Says He Will 'Bite' Teamsters Boss

It’s easy peasy for guys to prove that they are manly men in MAGA world. This is important to them. Just call yourself an Ultra MAGA sort of guy, and slap some truck nuts on the bumper of your truck, then try to start a fight with teamster boss Sean O’Brien, then go on television the next day and threaten to bite him. Yes, biting their opponents is now a thing for Republicans.

Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) made it clear that he wants to fight Teamsters boss Sean O’Brien, but now he’s talking about biting the Teamsters boss.

“Why you should train jujitsu, is because even if you lose a fight, you want to make sure the other guy will never want to fight you ever again because it’s kind of a win-win at that point,” a radio host said. “But we need to move from an almost fight.”

“By the way, I’m not afraid of biting,” Mr. Man said. “I will bite.”

“Biting?” the host said.

“I’ll bite hundreds of them,” Mullin insisted.

“And I don’t care where I bite, by the way,” Mullin said.

OK, so it’s OK with Republicans to now bite each other. This embarrassing display is the opposite of governing. Maybe he should be the next House Speaker. It’s not as if Republicans are doing anything important.

I remember this image:

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