Trader thinks Dogecoin price could hit $0.26 soon

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Popular crypto trader Myles G has turned heads this week with his bold prediction for Dogecoin’s price.

While most analysts expect the meme coin to continue drifting sideways, Myles believes DOGE could surge to $0.26 by April 20.

Myles G makes a striking DOGE price prediction for April

Myles G, who has over 15,000 followers on his “Myles G Investments” Twitter account, tweeted yesterday that his price models forecast DOGE to hit $0.26 this month.

Specifically, Myles estimates DOGE will hit this price on April 20 at 4:20 pm EST.

“After this target is reached, we will reveal our next secret prediction,” he teased.

If Myles’ bullish prediction plays out, it would mark a 34% increase for Dogecoin and take the coin to its highest level since November 2021.

The $0.26 target may seem ambitious, but it aligns with the “4/20” theme that has become an unofficial holiday for meme coin enthusiasts.

So, April 20 could be a perfect storm of catalysts for DOGE bulls – mixing Doge Day with the expected increase in trading volumes and hype.

And while price predictions should always be taken with a grain of salt, Myles G’s will undoubtedly be one to watch in the days ahead.

Dogecoin’s volatility & key levels shape its near-term path

The bold forecast from Myles G comes after the OG meme coin experienced a volatile few days.

Currently trading at around $0.198, DOGE has seesawed this week – falling on Monday and Tuesday before gradually climbing in the past 48 hours.

The $0.20 level has emerged as a key psychological resistance for Dogecoin, with the coin struggling to sustain itself above that marker.

Despite the up-and-down price swings, DOGE has maintained a strong level of trading activity.

Trader thinks Dogecoin price could hit $0.26 soon - 2

According to CoinMarketCap data, it’s the seventh most traded crypto globally, ahead of big names like Binance Coin and XRP.

However, open interest in Dogecoin perpetual futures across major exchanges has taken a hit.

Over $200 million in open interest has liquidated in the past two days as leverage traders were shaken out due to the choppy price action.

While this could hint that further downside might be in store for DOGE, the meme coin space is inherently unpredictable.

Dogecoin has routinely surprised investors – and if Myles G’s prediction comes true, it would be another stunning turnaround for the coin.

Which other meme coins could rise this month?

While Dogecoin continues grabbing headlines, traders are also looking for newer meme coins that could rise in April.

One potential contender is Slothana (SLOTH), which is gearing up for a DEX debut that early investors believe could spark a rally.

Meme magic meets presale success as Slothana prepares for DEX launch

Despite only launching three weeks ago, the SLOTH token’s presale has already raised over $10 million in funding.

This fundraising success showcases the enormous demand for new meme coin projects, especially ones appealing to the “degen” crowd.

Slothana stylizes itself as a laid-back, red-eyed sloth character, giving a clear nod to the 4/20 stoner holiday celebrated by people worldwide.

Trader thinks Dogecoin price could hit $0.26 soon - 3

With its presale expected to run until Doge Day, the project is cleverly tapping into the hype and narrative surrounding that date.

However, beyond its chill vibe, Slothana has also set the ambitious goal of hitting a $420 million market cap.

Whether that’s a tongue-in-cheek joke or a genuine target, the giant figure shows the SLOTH team is aiming high and looking to benefit from the meme coin hype on Solana.

Some crypto traders are now comparing Slothana to the previously successful SLERF token that surged in late March.

Trader thinks Dogecoin price could hit $0.26 soon - 4

Although SLERF’s launch was controversial, this sloth-themed token reached a $484 million market cap at its peak – without any utility whatsoever.

If Slothana can tap into similar meme magic, it also has the potential to experience a post-listing rise once it hits exchanges.

To learn more about this project, visit the Slothana website

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