Trevor Noah Dings Wingnuts For Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories At Grammy Opener

Grammy Awards host Trevor Noah had some fun with the idiots pushing all of the Taylor Swift conspiracy theories during his opening of the show this Sunday.

As we’ve already discussed here, it seems the right is terrified of Swift and has been going after her for some time now, whether it’s the MAGA nuts on line screeching that the NFL rigged the playoff game for KC, to OANN nutters claiming that the NFL and major league sports are a psy-op to brainwash your kids, to you name it, the attacks on Swift have been a steady source for mockery for late night comedians, and rightfully so.

Trevor Noah let them have it for the CIA psy-op nonsense, and the one thing I’m sorry he missed was also mocking Trump for claiming he’s supposedly more popular than Swift.

Here’s more from Raw Story on Noah:

Swift crept in after the show began, but Noah spotted her right away.

“Look! There she is!” Noah exclaimed. He was excited he said her name and she suddenly appeared.

“As Taylor Swift moves around the room, the local economy around her improves. Look at that. Lionel Richie? Now Lionel Wealthy!” Noah joked about Swift’s impact on local economies where she holds concerts.

“By the way, I think it’s so unfair how NFL fans have been complaining about the cameras cutting to Taylor Swift. Like she’s controlling the cameras at the games? Let her live. In fact, on behalf of Taylor, I’m going to give her a break. Every time Taylor Swift is mentioned, I’m going to cut to someone who played football,” Noah said, showing actor Terry Crews, a previous linebacker for the NFL.

“Ooh, you like that, Terry Crews? You better fix your face, Terry! We will watch you all night! No relaxing for you! Do you work for the CIA?” Noah quipped, a reference to the claim that Swift conspiracy.

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