Trump-backed Senate Candidate Linked To Gay Hook-up Site

The Ohio primary election is heating up with the leak that Bernie Moreno had an old account on a dating site looking for “Men for 1-on-1 sex.” That might not mean anything in normal circumstances, but just a few days ahead of next week’s all-important Republican primary it well could. Moreno has backed LGBTQ rights in the past, but since the Trump era has become a hardline opponent.

The explanation given was the old intern-played-a-juvenile-prank ruse.

Current polling (here and here) has Bernie Moreno and Matt Dolan close, with Frank LaRose not far behind either.

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A MAGA-backed candidate who’s running in a critical Ohio primary election potentially has some questionable online baggage.

Bernie Moreno, who at one point backed LGBTQ rights before turning against them, has received former President Donald Trump’s support.

But in his wake is the existence of a 2008 profile seeking “Men for 1-on-1 sex” on a casual hookup website called Adult Friend Finder (AFF), according to The Associated Press.

When prompted to answer to the account, Moreno’s camp pinned blame on an intern who supposedly has taken the blame for posting the suggestive ad as “part of a juvenile prank”.

“I am thoroughly embarrassed by an aborted prank I pulled on my friend, and former boss, Bernie Moreno, nearly two decades ago,” Ricci said in a statement provided by Moreno’s attorney, Charles Harder.

Further, Harder, told the wire service that Moreno “had nothing to do with the AFF account.”

The AP reported that it was unable to independently confirm Ricci’s mea culpa and, when a reporter reached out for comment, he didn’t respond.

Jeez, I wonder why?

Meanwhile, Matt Dolan accuses the Democrats of supporting Bernie Moreno. The thinking is that he’d be the easiest to beat by Sherrod Brown.

Trump is still backing Moreno, releasing this statement through his spokesperson:

“The leftwing media is obsessed with destroying anyone who supports the America First movement and this ridiculous slime job is simply more proof that Bernie Moreno is a threat to the entire swamp,” said Steven Cheung, a Trump spokesperson.

I’ll assume that Trump will attack the swamp or Moreno if he loses on Tuesday. Never a dull moment in Ohio.

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