Trump-Endorsed Senate Candidate Gives Dumbest Reason To Ban Abortion

Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Bernie Moreno has some thoughts about abortion, and they’re as absurd as you can imagine. Once Trump made the way to overturn Roe, conservatives started clamoring for more regulations over women’s bodies. I think they should all just shut the fuck up. To highlight why I believe that, meet Moreno, who feels that if men helped women put strollers in the overhead bin on a plane, they wouldn’t need abortions. Problem solved! Again, men should not have a seat at the table when discussing what I and other women can do with our bodies.

“What changes would you support regarding reproductive rights or abortion as a U.S. Senator?” Moreno, a businessman, was asked.

My daughter just took a flight to go back home to where she lives,” the Republican candidate said. You know, Mom is carrying what looks like an F-1 team’s worth of equipment.”

“People helped her on that plane,” he continued. “Helped put the stroller away, helped her with her seat, gave up her seat.”

“Those are the kinds of things that we can do,” he added. Let’s be a pro-mom, pro-family policy.

Wellll, first of all, he’s a big lying liar because strollers, to my knowledge, aren’t allowed on planes. This guy wants a national abortion ban, ladies. In other words, Mr. Liar Pants wants to drag us back a few years. Keep talking, Republicans. That sound you hear is you digging your party’s grave. I can list some “pro-mom” policies Republicans should support to be “pro-family,” but they’ve already snubbed them. Controlling assholes.

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