Trump Endorses His Daughter-in-Law To Co-Chair The RNC

With Trump’s blessing, this is all a formality at this point. A vote will be held soon after Ronna McDaniel formally steps down shortly after the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24. And with Trump’s takeover of the Republican National Committee his control of the Republican Party is all but complete.

Source: Politico

Former President Donald Trump will support North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley to succeed Ronna McDaniel as the leader of the Republican National Committee, according to a Republican operative familiar with Trump’s decision.

Trump’s endorsement of Whatley formally cements his push to see a change atop the committee after weeks of reports that he had grown frustrated with McDaniel.

In addition to the Whatley nod, Trump will also support Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, to serve as the RNC’s co-chairwoman. Lara Trump has long been an on-air surrogate for the ex-president, and during the 2022 campaign was briefly mentioned as a possible North Carolina Senate candidate.

The endorsement does not mean that either Whatley or Lara Trump will automatically be given those posts. The committee must hold a vote among its members should McDaniel step down, as she is expected to shortly after the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24. But that will likely be a formality, as the party members are almost certain to support the preferences of the candidate set to the presidential nominee.

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