Trump Fan Club Founder Charged For Slamming GF's Head With A Gun

Students for Trump co-founder Ryan Fournier is facing misdemeanor charges in North Carolina for assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon, law enforcement records show. Via Axios:

Fournier, who studied at Campbell University in Raleigh, co-founded Students for Trump ahead of the 2016 election and now leads the group Radical Alert, which “exposes” radicals’ hate that has “taken over American college campuses,” according to its X bio.

Driving the news: Fournier, 27, was arrested in Johnston County last Tuesday for assaulting and striking his girlfriend by “grabbing her right arm and striking her in the forehead” with a handgun, according to the magistrate’s order.

He posted bond later that evening and waived his right to an attorney. His next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 18.

Huh. So slamming your girlfriend in the forehead with a gun is a misdemeanor charge in the great state of North Carolina? No wonder so many misogynists are drawn there!

But Ryan’s gonna have to work a little harder to meet the standard set by his hero Trump, who ALLEGEDLY ripped his wife’s hair out and ALLEGEDLY NOT REALLY raped her because they were still married at the time and you can’t rape your wife, one of his lawyers claimed.

I just get all warm and fuzzy thinking about him in the White House again, don’t you?

This couldn’t possibly be the same guy, could it?

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