Trump Goes Off The Deep End, Lashes Out At Judge And Clerk Again

Former President Donald Trump’s status on his gag order feels like it switches every other day. That’s not true, of course, but when writing about the Mar-a-Lunatic’s latest ramblings, I always have to look up if he’s gagged or not. The twice-impeached Chosen One is not gagged, so he’s taking advantage of that by attacking Judge Arthur Engoron and the Judge himself again.

“A Rigged Trial going on against me by a corrupt N.Y. State Attorney General and an out of control Judge,” Trump insisted. “They brought Values down to a FRACTION of what they are really worth, like Mar-a-Lago, and then called me a Fraud.”

The man on trial for fraud claims the prosecutors are the ones who are guilty of fraud.

“They are the FRAUDSTERS, and the whole system is CORRUPT,” he continued. “I didn’t even include one of my most valuable assets, BRAND VALUE, in my Financial Statements. Also, this Psycho Judge refuses to acknowledge the fact that I have a 100% Disclaimer Clause on the First Page of my Statements – “DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE.”

“But it all doesn’t matter, because regardless of what we say to show our TOTAL INNOCENCE, and it has been proven in many ways, and many times over, this political, Trump Hating Judge, together with his horrendous, seething with ANGER Law Clerk, with her illegal campaign contributions, will find me guilty as hell. NO JURY ALLOWED, A STATUTE NEVER USED FOR THIS BEFORE, A RIGGED TRIAL, A RACIST & CORRUPT ATTORNEY GENERAL, A TRUMP HATING JUDGE, ELECTION INTERFERENCE!” he added in one of the longest sentences ever.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with Trump or kiss his self-entitled derriere is a “Trump-hating” (fill in the blank.) Life is always unfair against Trump, even though he allegedly shits in golden toilets and never had to work a day in his miserable life. Receiving at least $413 million from your father’s business empire isn’t a hard day’s work? The fuck you say. Imagine all the begging and cringe family meals that had to come before that.

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