Trump Keeps Saying Crazier Things, Even By His Standards

As Thursday night showed, Joe Biden is vigorous, determined and just. He went into a room and in front of a group of media jackals salivating for him to fail, he hit it out of the park, proving once again that Republicans and the mainstream media are filled with idiots and scoundrels.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is sundowning in front of our eyes — literally on the public stage. Recently he hasn’t just had gaffes, but wholesale cerebral malfunctions where he seemingly doesn’t know what he’s saying, where he is or even what he is.

Already containing enough insecurities to fill the Grand Canyon and the cruelty of a conference of warlords, we can now add “doesn’t have a f*king clue what is going on much of the time” to the list.

In this video, Cliff Schecter breaks down not just Trump’s mind hiding in the same spot as the secret documents he stole–the crapper–but how most media simply won’t cover it–leaving us to rely on a few courageous journalists, pundits, comedians, athletes, really anyone else in the public eye who can speak into a mic and get people to listen.

And, of course, Cliff brings his usual rapier wit, aiming it squarely at Trump, the Republicans sycophants who surround him and our media. The result? A serious subject tackled…but also a lot of laughs. Check out the video and be sure to subscribe to Cliff’s channel for more content like this.

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