Trump Mouthpiece: Court Dates Interfere With Our Get Out Of Jail Plan!

Former Trump attorney, now his “legal spokeswoman” Alina Habba went on Fox to complain about all of these court appearances interfering with his get out of jail free plan of running for president. Trump’s calendar is looking pretty full these days, and as CNN reported this week, here’s the latest on the court dates and the primaries:

January 15 – E. Jean Carroll civil defamation trial begins; Iowa caucuses

January 23 – Possible New Hampshire primary

February 8 – Nevada caucuses

February 24 – South Carolina primary

February 27 – Possible Michigan primary

March 2 – Possible Michigan caucuses; Idaho caucuses

March 3 – DC party-run primary

March 4 – Federal trial on 2020 election criminal charges begins; North Dakota caucuses

March 5 (Super Tuesday) – Primaries in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah caucuses, primaries in Vermont, Virginia

March 12 – Primary in Georgia, Hawaii caucuses, primaries in Mississippi, Washington

March 19 – Primaries in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio

March 23 – Primary in Louisiana

March 25 – Trump’s criminal trial in New York related to hush-money payments in 2016 begins

April 2 – Primaries in Delaware, potentially New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin

April 23 – Primary in Pennsylvania

April 30 – Primary in Connecticut

May 7 – Primary in Indiana

May 14 – Primaries in Maryland, Nebraska, West Virginia

May 20 – Criminal trial in classified documents case begins

May 21 – Primaries in Kentucky, Oregon

June 4 – Primaries in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota

July 15-18 – GOP convention in Milwaukee

Habba made an appearance on Hannity’s show this Thursday and was asked by guest host Pete Hegseth to respond to Trump’s not guilty plea in Georgia, where he submitted a court filing rather than face the humiliation of having to show up for an arraignment next week.

Hegseth asked Habba what their strategy is, and the two of them proceeded to have a pity party over all of these evil Democrats heaven forbid holding Trump responsible for his crimes.

And of course they threw in some shots that this is all some plot to distract from Hunter Biden (DRINK!) at the end. Habba also ignored the fact that everyone on team Trump has been doing their best to litigate these cases in the media (as she was doing here), so the public has heard their side already loud and clear.

HABBA: It’s not surprising that he pled not guilty. Obviously he waived his right for arraignment in person, because why give them more of a media frenzy? We don’t need that. So, you know, from here we actually get to litigate the case, which, as an attorney, I look forward to. I know our legal team does as well, to getting to take our own turn at looking at all of the information, and our own turn to put our side out, which is something everybody needs to remember has not happened as of yet.

More indictments are simply that, an indictment, which is just one sided BS for lack of a better word on their political scheme to interfere with the leading candidate for president.

HEGSETH: Well Alina, this is all ridiculous. It’s all a circus. It’s all meant to interfere inside the timeline of the election process. That’s a given. So these questions have come with that sense of how it’s… if you’re planning for Georgia, the DC timeline was just set for March 4th, as you know, the day before Super Tuesday. Much sooner than your team had anticipated. What do you anticipate for a timeline down in Atlanta? Like, how quickly are they going to try push this in your sense, and how will you push back?

HABBA: Let’s be clear, the Jack Smiths and Fani Willis and DA Braggs and Letitia James, if they could have it their way, they would have all trials the same week. It’s unrealistic and ridiculous and it’s obvious. So what I think is happening is, the judges are going to have to fight it among themselves. You cannot have one defendant on multiple cases.

But if you do look at the timeline like you mentioned, every event, every single event from the indictment to the rushed grand jury years after the events took place, when they didn’t need to rush it, they could have had it two years ago. Every single thing says, very clearly, Joe Biden doesn’t know what he is doing in office, so let’s distract America so that all we talk about is president Trump and these hoaxes. And that’s really all they are.

So, we’re going to obviously argue that it’s impossible for one person to be in four different places. We’re going to argue that this is election interference. And then we’re going to take a look at each individual person and say you ran for office based on the fact that you said you were going to get Trump, and so did you, and so did you, and now we need our constitution and due process to step in and do its part.

And if we don’t have fair judges unfortunately, we’re not going to get that. So, we have a great team. I love our legal team right now. I feel strong. The president feels strong, and we’re going to take each one head on.

HEGSETH: It is amazing when you look at it. Hunter Biden problem, indictment. Hunter Biden problem, add charges to the indictment. Hunter Biden problem. Indictment again. When do we set the trial date? Iowa caucuses. How about we do it the day before Super Tuesday. I’ve never seen anything like it. Of course it’s totally unprecedented, and the way you put it together, it is election interference.

So, if these trial dates don’t go well for them, which looks to be the case for now, look for even more attacks on the judges than we’ve had already. They still think they can intimidate their way out of all of this. Hopefully it backfires on them, big time.

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