Trump Threatens Haley During Victory Speech In New Hampshire

Donald Trump threatened his last remaining rival during his victory speech in New Hampshire, telling supporters that she’d be under investigation just like he is for “stuff she doesn’t want to talk about.”

Donald Trump celebrated his victory in the New Hampshire primary by mocking his last remaining opponent Nikki Haley, complaining that she has yet to drop out even as the former president’s grip on the party grows stronger.

Mr Trump appeared to threaten his former UN ambassador, saying that she’ll be under investigation for “stuff she doesn’t want to talk about”.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has lost his latest appeal of the gag order imposed on him by Judge Tanya Chutkan in the federal election interference criminal case brought against him by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

As we discussed here, Trump went into an all caps rant on his failing social media platform and he parroted many of the same talking points during his whine-fest of a so-called “victory” speech this Tuesday, which was basically just more of the same airing of grievances from Trump, crying about how terribly he’s been treated, and going after Haley for staying in the race.

Who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to what he wants people to believe Haley would be investigated for. Whatever it is, I’m going to guess it’s less serious than sexual assault, insurrection, stealing classified documents and fraud.

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