Trump To TX Supreme Court: Leave Ken Paxton Alone! So They Did

The Texas Supreme Court has halted depositions that were scheduled to begin tomorrow in the whistleblower case against the sleazy attorney general, Ken Paxton. The all-GOP court issued an order yesterday blocking the depositions and giving the parties another month to respond with their broader legal arguments. The decision was made public within hours of Paxton’s top political ally —adjudicated rapist Donald Trump — calling on the court to end the case. Just another coinky-dink! Via The Texas Tribune:

The Supreme Court did not elaborate on its decision to block the depositions. Lawyers for the whistleblowers emphasized that it was not a ruling on the substantive argument by Paxton’s office against the depositions.

“This was not a ruling on the merits and we look forward to continuing the fight for justice in this case,” two whistleblower attorneys, Tom Nesbitt and TJ Turner said, in a statement. “The people of Texas deserve answers from Ken Paxton.”

Earlier this month, a district court judge in Travis County had ordered Paxton and three top aides to sit for depositions starting Thursday with the attorney general himself. Paxton’s office fought that order up to the Supreme Court, asking the justices to at least put the depositions on hold.

Four former top deputies filed the whistleblower lawsuit in 2020, alleging Paxton improperly fired them after they reported him to the FBI for allegedly abusing his office to help a wealthy friend and donor, Nate Paul. Their claims were the basis for Paxton’s impeachment by the Texas House last year. He was acquitted by the Senate after a trial in September.

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