Trump Very Mad About Koch Network's Endorsement Of Nikki Haley

Former President Donald Trump is one of the most predictable men on Earth. While Trump was out there beating up on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Americans for Prosperity, the political arm of the influential Koch network, threw its endorsement and all of those delicious Koch dollars behind Nikki Haley.

It was almost as if Trump was giving the Koch network a shoutout when he announced that he would terminate Obamacare, thus throwing millions of Americans off of health care. And for sure, Trump would have accepted the endorsement; after all, he welcomed Black Lives Matter Rhode Island co-founder Mark Fisher’s endorsement today. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Globalist Koch Fake “Network,” Americans for China Prosperity, who constantly admit that they did better in Business under President Trump than EVER BEFORE, have decided to back Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley over Ron DeSanctimonious, a minor hit for Ron,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I was never in the running because I’m all about Making America, not the outside World, Great Again!”

“These losers have fought me from 2016 to the present,” he added. “They are bad for our Country, and so is a very weak and ineffective Birdbrain, who still says that “President Trump was a GREAT President, I will never run against him.” She’s down 50 Points, she better start running FAST!”

The Koch network has a lot of reach, and they’ve been knocking on many doors. This is good news for Haley and bad news for DeSantis. It’s unknown if it will affect Trump’s seemingly iron grip on his party. It certainly doesn’t look like he’s taking Haley’s endorsement well. Time for Trump to come up with a nickname for Charles Koch. That will solve everything!

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