Trump Very Upset 'Sleepy Joe' Is Beating Him To The Picket Line

Donald Trump responded to news that President Joe Biden is set to travel to Michigan on Tuesday to join United Auto Workers on the picket line in a historic show of solidarity for striking workers amid the labor dispute. Biden is going one day before the former President planned on going, except that he didn’t clarify his schedule. UAW President Shawn Fain invited Biden, and the President responded in a tweet to say he would be there. At about 3 in the morning, Trump unleashed a couple of tweets to lash out at Howard Stern and the UAW.

“Crooked Joe Biden had no intention of going to visit the United Autoworkers, until I announced that I would be heading to Michigan to be with them, & help then [SIC] out,” he wrote. “Actually, Crooked Joe sold them down the river with his ridiculous all Electric Car Hoax.”

“This wasn’t Biden’s idea, he can’t put two sentences together. It was the idea of the Radical Left Fascists, Marxists, & Communists who control him and who, in so doing, are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!” he said. Within 3 years, all of these cars will be made in China. That’s what Sleepy Joe wants, because China pays him and his family a FORTUNE.

“He is a Manchurian Candidate. If the UAW “leadership” doesn’t ENDORSE me, and if I don’t win the Election, the Autoworkers are “toast,” with our great truckers to follow,” the four-times indicted former President added. “Crooked Joe Biden is the most Corrupt and Incompetent President in the history of the USA. If he is able to gather the energy to show up, tell him to go to the Southern Border instead, & to leave the Car Industry alone!”

Of course, everything Lumpy wrote is a lie. The EVs will be made in the USA, not China. And it sounds like Trump was threatening the UAW: You’d better endorse me or else.

Trump then presumably went back to sleep to dream of Melania Howard Stern.

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