Trump Warns Women That Immigrants Will Demand To Use 'Your Kitchen'

Donald Trump, who is on bail, likes to paint immigrants in a dark light, making those who seek a better life out to be criminals. It’s Trump who is facing 91 felonies, and he was found liable for sexual abuse, though. The truth is that undocumented immigrants do not cause more crime.

During a rally in Rome, Georgia, Trump warned suburban women that immigrants would knock on their door, demanding to use their kitchen. The Stable Genius really thinks women are stupid.

“The suburban, they always say, suburban housewives, they want something that’s very important, security,” the soon-to-be-felon said. “They don’t want illegal immigrants coming into our country.”

“They don’t want illegal immigrants knocking on their front door and saying, I’m going to use your kitchen, and I’m going to use your bedroom, and there’s not a damn thing,” he added. “And that’s the nice ones, okay? That’s the nice ones.”

He’s tried this tactic before and knows he needs the coveted woman voting bloc, but he doesn’t know how to do it.

CNN reported in 2020:

Many of the female voters who have abandoned Trump recoil from his divisive language and disapprove of both his handling of race relations and the pandemic. But he has tried to convince them to support him through a campaign of fear and xenophobia, with claims about the Democratic agenda that plunge deep into the realm of the ridiculous and would be believed only by the most naïve, low-information voters.

His rally speeches over the weekend exemplified those political miscalculations when it comes to women he has referred to as the “suburban housewives of America,” as he tried on Saturday to create fear about crime from immigrants and argued that Joe Biden will upend life in the suburbs by putting public housing projects in the middle of leafy neighborhoods – a reference to an Obama-era housing regulation aimed at ending segregation.

If someone wants to cook in my kitchen, I’d welcome that. Please cook for me! This is similar to what Marco Gutierrez, the co-founder of Latinos for Trump, said when he warned that voting Hillary into office would put “taco trucks on every corner.” Omg, I love food trucks.

What is it with Republicans and kitchens lately?

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