Trump's Horrible, No Good Georgia Primary Result

If Georgia is any indication – and it probably is – there are still plenty of disaffected Republican voters out there who want nothing to do with Donald Trump and his brand of odious politics. In large parts of Atlanta, around 40% of them voted for someone who isn’t even running anymore.

Source: Newsweek

Donald Trump lost a significant number of votes to Nikki Haley in the Georgia Republican primary despite running essentially unopposed.

The former president won Georgia on Tuesday with 84.5 percent of the vote, as well as winning Mississippi and Washington.

However, Haley, who dropped out of the GOP primary race in the wake of Super Tuesday, still received 13 percent of the Republican vote in Georgia, amounting to more than 77,000 ballots.

The results mean that Trump has now clinched the Republican nomination, setting up a rematch against President Joe Biden in the general election in November.

13% doesn’t sound like much until you look where Haley got her votes: Fulton and DeKalb counties around Atlanta, where she received almost 40% of the vote. Better educated, more affluent areas that he’ll need to beat Joe Biden in November. And if Georgia is any indication, he’s not getting those voters.

With 95 percent of the ballots counted for, Trump received more than 496,000 votes on Wednesday night, with Haley receiving more than 77,000 and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who dropped out of the primary after the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucus in January, still managing to receive more than 7,400 votes (1.3 percent).

Haley managed a stronger-than-expected showing in Fulton County—the most populous county in Georgia—with Trump only beating her by 21 points (59 to 38 percent).

Haley also managed to cut Trump’s lead to just 16 points (56 to 40 percent) in DeKalb County, which has the fourth-largest population in Georgia.

The early vote looked a bit surreal.

And it didn’t get much better as the night wore on.

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