Trump's Mind Numbing Conclusion: Overturning Roe v Wade Is Causing A Very 'Beautiful Harmony'

During a presser on Friday, Trump bragged about overturning Roe v Wade and then claimed the country is not only celebrating, but having some “very, very beautiful harmony over the ruling.”

Trump began his rant by claiming all legal scholars, liberals and Democrats agreed with the kangaroo Supreme Court’s ruling.

Every legal scholar, real legal scholar, wanted to have it go back to the states. Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, and we are able to do that.

That’s a f**king lie.

You know, what we did was give it back to the states, and now the states are working their way through it, and you are having some very, very beautiful harmony, to be honest with you.

Beautiful harmony? Is he on mushrooms and frakking laughing at his MAGA base? The GOP has lost almost every special election since the ruling along with many important judgeships. They also got crushed in the 2020 midterm elections because of it.

Arizona’s ruling is the tip of the iceberg and no matter how hard Trump tries to dress that pig, it’s still rolling in the slop.

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