Trump's Staged Viral Hug At Chick-fil-A As Phony As He Is

Fox’s Lawrence Jones did his best to paint Michaelah Montgomery, who had a hug with Trump at a Chick-fil-A go viral this week, as just some average Trump supporter, and failed to inform his audience that she’s actually a GOP operative who’s worked with Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

Here’s more on that from MTN:

A video of a Trump supporter who hugged the presumptive Republican nominee and shouted out support during a visit to an Atlanta Chick-fil-A turned out to be a Republican operative according to social media posts reviewed by MeidasTouch.

Nothing about Trump or his campaign is authentic. Every event is careful set up ahead of time and staged. They all fit into the same pattern every single time. On every road trip to an event or rally, the campaign sets up an excursion to a fast food restaurant either before or after his speech.

After giving numerous examples of Trump doing the same sort of thing, whether it’s using law enforcement as a prop, having people wear the “Blacks for Trump” shirts in the background at his rallies, his fake union rally in Michigan at a non-union facility, or the death of Ruby Garcia where he lied about speaking to the family and other incidents, as they noted, this is just another example of him pretending to be some man of the people, when the real agenda with visiting there was very different.

He did it again this week on his trip to Atlanta. The purpose of the trip was a fundraiser with a small group of billionaires in Buckhead, the wealthiest neighborhood in Georgia. But the campaign used a staged sojourn to a local Chick-fil-A to create a three-days news cycle that there is a groundswell of black, working class Georgians who showed up to greet them. They posted photos that went viral on media and social media.

But it was all an op.

MAGA Republicans have been using the viral video and photo of Montgomery’s hug to claim that Trump has overwhelming support from Black voters due to what appeared to be an organic outpouring of support from someone who just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

As Ron Filipkowski noted on Xitter, here’s what Trump was actually trying to distract from.

Someone wake me when the media talks about the meeting that wasn’t part of the photo op.

Go read the rest of their post on how the whole event was staged, and Montgomery’s ties to Kirk, Owens, and BLEXIT.

Of course, Fox was going to try to paint her as just some “grassroots” opposition to Biden, and as MTN also reported, Jones wasn’t the only one pushing that lie.

All of this just reeks of desperation to me. If you have to pretend you’ve got supporters in the Black community that used to support Biden and are now supposedly for Trump by using GOP operatives who don’t want to tell viewers on a so-called “news” network who they are, your campaign has problems.

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