Tuberville Tells Fellow GOPers He Will Resolve His Standoff

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (the Alabama senator who actually lives in Florida) told Senate Republicans yesterday that he’d resolve the standoff over his military promotions blockade before Democratic leaders back them into an unpleasant vote on a rules change. Via Political Wire:

Said Tuberville: “Listen, everyone. I got y’all into this mess. I’m gonna get you out.”

“Tuberville also extolled the long-standing traditions of the Senate, which he said would be eroded if the Senate passes a Democratic-led resolution that would allow most military promotions to be voted on simultaneously. Tuberville indicated privately to Republicans that he wants to avoid ever getting to that point, acknowledging that it would be a difficult vote for many GOP senators who desperately want the blockade to end.”

“This is indeed a shift for Tuberville, who had previously said he didn’t view Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s timing for a floor vote on the resolution as a deadline to decide on an off-ramp.”

He’d better hurry up if he wants to beat Schumer to the punch. In the meantime, a few of Tuberville’s greatest hits:

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