TX Judge Rules School Can Punish Black Student For Hairstyle

Once again, it seems that cruelty is the point in Texas. In this case, it’s racial cruelty.

From The Texas Tribune:

A Texas judge on Thursday said the Barbers Hill Independent School District can punish a Black student who wears his hair in long locs without violating Texas’ new CROWN Act, which is meant to prevent hairstyle discrimination in schools and workplaces.

The decision came after a monthslong dispute between the district and Darryl George, a junior at Barbers Hill High School who has been sent to in-school suspension since August for wearing his hair in long locs. Legislators last year passed a law called the Texas CROWN Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of hair texture or protective styles associated with race. Protective styles include locs, braids and twists.

But the Barbers Hill school district successfully argued it can still enforce its policy that prohibits males from wearing hair that extends beyond eyebrows, earlobes or collars even if it’s gathered on top of the student’s head.

That’s right, the school can punish a student over his hair, even if it is gathered on top of his head – which Darryl George’s hair is.

I’m neither Black nor a lawyer but it seems to me that locs, braids and twists require long hair. It’s a point that Darryl George’s lawyer made, too, according to The Tribune. She said she will appeal the ruling.

But more importantly, what kind of school goes to court for the sole purpose of punishing a student over his hair? A Texas school, that’s what kind of school.

School superintendent Greg Poole applauded the decision. In a statement, he expressed hope that the Supreme Court decision banning affirmative action would also overturn the CROWN Act. “The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that affirmative action is a violation of the 14th Amendment, and we believe the same reasoning will eventually be applied to the CROWN Act,” Poole said.

Excuse me? How the heck are locs like affirmative action, other than the fact that both probably offend racists?

Darryl George was in tears after the ruling, The Tribune reported. He will reportedly remain isolated in in-school suspension:

“It feels lonely,” George said. “When you’re only stuck in one room for a whole semester it makes you feel some type of way. You see everyone else walking around talking and laughing and you can’t do that.

This is what passes for education in Texas.

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