Ukrainian-born GOP Rep Votes Against Ukraine Aid

Imagine having your head so far up Donald Trump’s ass that you’d side with him over your own people. But if you’re Victoria Spartz that’s exactly what she did on Saturday when she voted against aid for Ukraine. All of which is more than a bit strange, even more so since Spartz is a member of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus (seen here standing next to President Zelensky). And one might also think she would have had a change of heart after a recent Russian attack left 18 dead and 78 wounded in her home region of Chernihiv on April 17 as the terrorists targeted a hospital. The attack would have been entirely preventable if Ukraine had had the adequate air defense systems denied for nearly six months by her Republican Party.

Yes, questions are being raised about Victoria Spartz.

Source: Yahoo

Ukrainian-born congresswoman Victoria Spartz has refused to support any funding for Kyiv in Congress other than for lethal aid and is making measures for securing the US border a condition.

After Speaker Mike Johnson presented his proposal for funding allies, including Ukraine, Spartz wrote on X (Twitter) that she was not willing to vote for allocating any other funding for Kyiv except for weapons supply. She stated she would not support “sending cash to the Ukrainian government – only lethal aid.

She also insisted that Johnson’s package should include steps for securing the US-Mexico border. Otherwise, she would refuse to support the entire package.

Quote: “We have to pick our hills to die on & take them. Our southern border is that hill. As I said many times, if Speaker Johnson’s package does not include border security I’ll not support that rule,” Spartz stated.

Spartz even went so far as to submit several amendments to the bill, as did Marjorie Taylor Greene, to reduce or eliminate sections of the aid but all were voted down.

And what did Spartz have to say for herself? Typical MAGA slobber.

Congratulations, Rep. Spartz. You and your kind did this.

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