Unpacking DeeStream’s advertising potential and growth

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In such a dynamic environment as the world of cryptocurrencies, potential investors look for projects with future perspectives and revolutionary decisions constantly. From the huge variety of options, DeeStream (DST) has appeared as the most prospective one to change the business of streaming with its decentralized model and integration of blockchain.

But what is different in DeeStream (DST) that would make its price point surge, even during a bull run on other well-known tokens, such as Avalanche (AVAX) and Ripple (XRP)? Let’s try to figure out the advertising potential and features that make DeeStream (DST) grow, keeping in mind the current market dynamics of AVAX and XRP.

Avalanche (AVAX) and Ripple (XRP) surge amidst market rally

The cryptocurrency market is bouncing back to a level last seen during the 2021 bull run. This development has a ripple effect on other projects, amongst them Avalanche and Ripple.

AVAX has demonstrated strong growth against almost every frame, with a price increase of more than 135% compared to the end of February 2023.

Meanwhile, XRP has raised eyebrows following industry experts making bold predictions about the future of this coin, including Oliver Michel, founder and CEO of Tokentus Investment AG. Michel’s bullish sentiments, where he sees XRP going to $10, remind us that even with these lawsuits and so many regulatory questions, the project has all the capacities it needs to reward its holders with massive returns.

DeeStream (DST): A paradigm shift in streaming

DeeStream is the new word on the block in competition with other streaming services, sitting just below Avalanche and above Ripple. It is a model decentralized with integrated blockchain that provides an alternative way of sharing the content and getting closer to the audience in terms of interest, transparency, and giving voice to the creator.

The main drawing of DeeStream turns out to be its advertising potential, at the same time giving investors the opportunity for early information and rewarding several accounts by pre-selling tokens. With the help of blockchain technology, DeeStream gives a complete right to the buyer the opportunity to take part in decision-making and possible earnings.

Besides, the DeeStream (DST) tokenomics is unique: its presale token price is equal to $0.04, and those tokens reflect special rights, all of which will be an attractant for any investor looking for innovation in the web3 space and transformative changes to the streaming experience.

Besides, the cryptocurrency market changes; an investor should be prepared to take a risk with the myriads of options available to them, each with its opportunities and challenges. And while projects like Avalanche and Ripple pose a real growth potential, it is still DeeStream that features a disruptive approach towards streaming and advertising.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the official website.

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