VeeCollective Teams With Goop

VeeCollective, the handbag brand from Berlin, has teamed up with Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Goop on a limited edition style.

“As a brand, Goop is iconic,” cofounder of VeeCollective Lili Radu said. “After joining forces for four pop-up events in NYC and the Hamptons, where we offered monogramming on our bags, we’ve experienced the incredible enthusiasm of the Goop community.”

While VeeCollective is fully entrenched in Europe, Radu sees the wellness community in the States as the perfect space for her line of sustainable, functional and chic handbags. Previously, Radu has collaborated with Tracy Anderson — another wellness guru — and at those events, noticed clients didn’t have a proper everyday tote bag. “Looking around, you have those canvas bag that you just get gifted, but in reality, people need a bag that’s functional and fits into your lifestyle,” she said. “I can name a million sneakers, but what are the people wearing as their everyday tote bag?”

Momentum is building: in the last year VeeColletive was picked up by Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. “We have a huge opportunity in the States, we see it now,” she said. “Nobody has really thought about the functional bag with so many uses. We call it the Mary Poppins bag,” she said with a laugh, “and nobody sits next to us in the market.”

The brand is due to receive B-Corp certification in the first quarter of 2024, and while each bag is 100 percent recyclable Radu doesn’t use it as a marketing message, instead saying that sustainability is “just part of making a bag in a modern world.”

The Goop bag reimagines VeeCollective’s porter bag — a staple gym, travel, laptop and everyday bag — dyed in Goop’s signature pink hue with a detachable pouch and shoulder strap in a complementary beige tone with Goop’s logo. Limited edition with only 500 pieces, the bag is priced at $295 and debuts this weekend with an event at the Goop L.A. flagship. It will also be sold on and Goop boutiques.

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