Volkswagen Scirocco primed for comeback as EV sports coupe

While the new Boxster and Dark Rebel will feature two-seat interiors, the new Scirocco and TT are expected to receive longer wheelbases, giving scope for rear seats and therefore greater practicality.

While it remains early days, the Scirocco is expected to start with roughly 300bhp in single-motor form and culminate with more than 400bhp in dual-motor guise – providing a successor to the Scirocco R, which was sold with a turbo four-pot from 2009 to 2017.

Initial design proposals for a fourth-generation Scirocco were developed early last year, shortly after the arrival of Andreas Mindt as head of Volkswagen design.

Mindt, who formerly led design at Bentley, has often referenced Giorgetto Giugiaro’s original Scirocco of 1974 when explaining his vision for the look of the next generation of Volkswagen models.

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