Voter Fraud Found In Iowa

Voter fraud has been found in Iowa:

Kim Phoung Taylor — wife of Iowa Republican Jeremy Taylor — was found guilty of 52 criminal counts of false voting information, fraudulent registration, and fraudulent voting linked to the 2020 primary, the Justice department said.

Phoung Taylor, 49, stuffed ballot boxes with election forms she coerced Vietnamese immigrants with limited English to complete, local news outlets report.

Trial evidence included testimony from two Iowa State students who discovered someone else had cast ballots in their names when they tried to file absentee, according Iowa Public Radio.

In a way, it’s really hard not to feel a little sorry for Mr. Taylor. His wife loved him so much that she was willing to commit voter fraud to support him. Now she is facing five years in prison on each charge.

But perhaps the hardest blow for Taylor is that despite his wife’s trying to rig the election for her husband, he still lost the primary. That’s really got to hurt.

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