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We all witnessed artificial intelligence explode onto the scene in 2023. Businesses large and small scrambled to figure out how—not if—they should adopt AI-powered tools, and whether it made sense to build or buy.  During this critical time for business and society, AI has supercharged businesses across the board, and it has also supercharged competition between companies and countries. Meanwhile, the regulatory landscape is finally catching up to the fast-paced development. How will this increasingly accelerating competitive and regulatory landscape impact future exploration in the field?

Our Inaugural gathering of Brainstorm AI in London at the Rosewood Hotel will bring together the top minds among startups, companies across Europe from the Fortune Global 500, Fortune 500 Europe, and Fortune 500 lists, investors, policymakers, and academics to discuss this pivotal moment for the industry, an opportunity to keep moving forward boldly but responsibly in an increasingly competitive landscape.  

How do we mitigate some of the unintended consequences of AI, to security, productivity, and the overall job market? And, importantly, can the industry keep developing at speed and scale while also moving forward responsibly? 

The program, presented in association with Accenture, will feature intimate one-on-one conversations, engaging panel discussions, and lively roundtable sessions. 

More information about the conference, including the agenda and list of confirmed speakers, is available here.

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