Watching Ben Shapiro Rap Is As Cringe As You Think It Is

The world has many challenges. War. Famine. Disease. And Ben Shapiro making a rap video.

No, seriously, that happened, and it may just be the worst thing you’ll ever see. Yet, like a car crash on the highway, you have to look. Also, watching this festival of cringe will make you laugh at Ben Shapiro. And everyone loves laughing at Ben Shapiro.

By doing this, Shapiro entered a genre of music he once said “isn’t music,” and is joined by a meth-head-looking, white-nationalist Canadian rapper. How wonderful. Shapiro comes off as pathetically uncomfortable, superficial and robotic–and the lyrics are simply Godawful.

So thanks to Cliff Schecter, who watched this dumpster fire a few times so he could really rip it apart, and now we don’t have to. Watch Cliff’s video and you’ll see enough of Ben for a lifetime, and enjoy Cliff’s brutally funny takedowns of it all. And then you can subscribe to Cliff’s Youtube channel, which has content like this regularly.

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