Watters: Blacks Will Vote For Trump, They Can Relate To The Mugshot

Fox News’s Jesse Waters claims that Black voters can suddenly relate to Trump because of the former President’s mugshot. Watters must think that Trump is all gangsta now, and that’s what Black people are like. Or something. Are you punching your wall, too?

“But the Democrats’ Soviet-style tactics have alienated their most loyal voting bloc,” Watters said, referring to Black voters. “The mugshot has breathed new life into the Trump campaign and broadened his appeal to Black Americans.”

“Over the weekend, with the help of mugshot merchandise, the Trump campaign raked in over $7 million,” the little shit added. “Today, my garbage man told me he’s buying mugshot T-shirts for everyone he knows this Christmas.”

As if that wasn’t cringe enough, there’s more!

Watters said that murals of the mugshot are appearing on the side of buildings in the inner city.

The problem with that is that it’s a lie. It’s on one building. A white artist can be seen adding “MAGA. My Ass Got Arrested” onto the side of Trump’s big mouth.

And that garbage man reference? You know he doesn’t go down to pick up his garbage cans to shoot the shit with the guy. Stop that.

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