We Can't Wait For Biden's Presidential Immunity

There’s no better soft-ball question for a candidate than “What’s your closing argument to voters?” It’s an electoral classic that can be rather illuminating, particularly when candidates flub their response.

Most candidates recite an elevator pitch that they’ve used a thousand times stumping on the campaign trail. Others get tripped up and reveal they can’t actually clarify for voters why they are running and what makes them a better bet than their rivals.

And then there’s Donald Trump, who knows exactly what he needs—and it has nothing to do with voters’ needs.

Asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity what his closing argument to the voters of New Hampshire was, Trump’s immediate response was “Make America Great Again.”

“But I think very important, before we do this,” Trump continued, signaling he was done talking about voters’ concerns. From there, he bounced to the topic of the Supreme Court ruling on whether he’s eligible to appear on the ballot in “Colorado or whatever,” saying it’s hard to imagine “the leading candidate” would be kicked off. Then he got to his real concern.

“But they have another important, and that’s immunity for the president,” he said, referring to the case currently being considered by a federal appeals court—a ruling that, in turn, will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court.

The president of the United States, Trump told Hannity, “has to have immunity.”

“If you take immunity away from the president—so important—you will have a president that’s not going to be able to do anything,” Trump stressed. “Because when he leaves office, the opposing party—president, if it’s the opposing party—will indict the president for doing something that should have been good.”

And by something “good,” Trump presumably means something like incite a violent riot at the Capitol to interrupt the country’s 200-year history of a peaceful transfer of power.

In short, Trump hasn’t given a single thought to improving Americans’ lives—he’s concerned about only his own immunity to commit crimes as he sees fit. He’s useless without it!

And to be fair, Trump’s immunity (or lack thereof) is really much more important to the future of the republic than anything he might be able to offer voters, even if they were a consideration for him.

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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