What is a crypto voucher? A beginner’s guide

Read on to learn all about what a crypto voucher is, how it works, and what potential benefits using one could have.

In the fast-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, innovation knows no bounds. Among the many new tools coming up in the space is the crypto voucher, a gateway to the world of digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). But what exactly is a crypto voucher, and how does it work?

What is a crypto voucher?

A crypto voucher – or Bitcoin gift card, as it is known in certain quarters – is a prepaid coupon that allows the holder to redeem it for a certain amount of cryptocurrency. These vouchers can be purchased from retailers or online platforms often using traditional payment methods like cash, credit, or debit cards.

Once purchased, the recipient can redeem the crypto coupon by entering the code provided on the card into a designated platform or wallet service. 

The corresponding amount of cryptocurrency is then transferred to the recipient’s wallet, allowing them to use it for various purposes such as investing, trading, or making purchases where cryptocurrencies are accepted.

Why use a crypto voucher?

Crypto vouchers or Bitcoin gift cards could be used to introduce someone to cryptocurrency or as a gift for occasions like birthdays or holidays. They provide an easy entry point for individuals who may not be familiar with buying or owning cryptocurrencies directly through exchanges.

Additionally, by simplifying the purchasing process and offering a user-friendly interface, these vouchers can cater to anyone hesitant to navigate the complexities of digital wallets and crypto exchanges.  They also offer good speed, allowing users to swiftly redeem their vouchers for cryptocurrencies of their choice.

Crypto vouchers also provide enhanced security, allowing users to bypass the risks of sharing personal credit card information.

Where to buy crypto vouchers

There are various online retailers and crypto exchanges offering crypto vouchers. However, it’s imporant that buyers ensure that the gift card is from a reputable source to avoid potential scams, and provide clear instructions to the recipient on how to redeem the digital currency from the card.

  • Online exchanges: Crypto exchanges, such as Binance, offer the option to purchase crypto vouchers directly through their platforms. Users can visit the exchange’s website, navigate to the section dedicated to coupons or crypto gift cards, and choose from the available options. 
  • Crypto wallets: Some crypto wallets, including Trezor, provide the functionality to purchase crypto vouchers directly within the wallet interface. Users can access this feature, select the desired denomination and cryptocurrency, and complete the purchase using funds from their wallet or linked payment methods.
  • Online retailers: Crypto vouchers can be bought online from several retailers, such as Bitrefill and Coinsbee. These platforms support a wide range of cryptocurrency coupons; users can browse the available options, select, and complete the purchase using standard payment methods such as credit or debit cards, PayPal, or crypto.
  • Physical stores: Bitcoin gift cards can also be purchased from certain physical stores, including Bitupcard, which offers Bitcoin vouchers in more than 270 locations in Turkey alone. Customers can visit these stores, inquire about the availability of crypto vouchers, and purchase directly at the checkout counter. 
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms: P2P crypto trading platforms such as Paxful sometimes facilitate the buying and selling of crypto vouchers between users. Sellers list their vouchers on the platform, specifying the denomination, cryptocurrency, and preferred payment methods. Buyers can browse through listings, select a suitable voucher, and initiate a transaction directly with the seller.
  • Crypto ATMs: Some crypto ATMs support purchasing crypto vouchers as part of their services. Users can visit a crypto ATM location, select the option to buy a voucher, specify the desired denomination and cryptocurrency, and complete the transaction using cash or other supported payment methods. The purchased voucher is then printed or delivered digitally to the user.
  • Gift card platforms: Certain gift card platforms, like Swagbucks, offer crypto vouchers alongside traditional gift cards for various retailers and services. Users can explore these platforms, search for crypto gift cards, and purchase them using standard payment methods.

How do crypto vouchers work?

Whether investing, gifting, or simply curious, it may be useful to explore how a crypto coupon streamlines the process from purchase to possession.

  • Purchase: Users can acquire crypto vouchers from the above sources, including online retailers, physical stores, or cryptocurrency exchanges. These vouchers are often available in predetermined denominations, such as $10, $50, or $100, and sometimes in more significant amounts.
  • Redemption: Each crypto voucher has a unique code, or QR code, that digitally represents the voucher’s value. To redeem it, the user must visit a designated website or platform provided by the voucher issuer.
  • Verification: Upon accessing the redemption platform, users are prompted to enter the unique code or scan the QR code associated with their voucher. Some platforms may require additional verification steps to prevent fraud, such as email confirmation or captcha verification.
  • Selection of cryptocurrency: Once the voucher code is verified, users are usually presented with a selection of supported cryptocurrencies they can choose to redeem their voucher.
  • Confirmation and wallet address: After selecting the desired cryptocurrency, users typically need to provide a wallet address where the purchased cryptocurrency will be deposited.
  • Conversion and deposit: The redemption platform processes the voucher code and converts its value into the selected cryptocurrency based on prevailing exchange rates. Once the conversion is complete, the equivalent amount of cryptocurrency is deposited into the provided wallet address.
  • Finalization: Upon completing the redemption process, users receive transaction confirmation, typically via email or on-screen notification. The cryptocurrency is now available in the user’s wallet to manage, trade, or utilize as they see fit.

The role of crypto vouchers in mass adoption

Beyond individual use cases, crypto vouchers have the potential to catalyze mass adoption, particularly in emerging markets.

By circumventing stringent compliance requirements and offering a cash-based alternative, these cryptocurrency coupons can pave the way for widespread adoption for many, including those in regions underserved by traditional financial systems.

In fact, these cards offer a number of benefits that could potentially contribute to making digital assets more accessible and user-friendly to a broader audience:

Accessibility: One of the primary barriers to crypto adoption is the complexity of acquiring them, especially for people unfamiliar with technology or finance. The best crypto vouchers provide a simple and familiar way for people to purchase cryptocurrencies without navigating complex exchange platforms or understanding the intricacies of blockchain technology. 

Convenience: Crypto vouchers offer a convenient way for users to acquire digital assets quickly and easily. Instead of going through lengthy registration processes on crypto exchanges or dealing with bank transfers, users can purchase vouchers from online retailers, physical stores, or other platforms. 

Gift giving: Crypto gift cards may be a convenient introduction to cryptocurrencies for friends and family who are curious about digital assets but hesitant to invest directly. By gifting crypto vouchers, individuals can encourage others to explore the crypto space without making an initial financial commitment. 

Financial inclusion: In regions with limited access to banking services or unstable fiat currencies, the best crypto vouchers may provide an alternative for individuals to store and transact value. By bypassing traditional financial institutions and enabling direct access to cryptocurrencies, vouchers enable people to participate in global financial networks and mitigate the impact of economic instability.


How do you use a crypto voucher?

You’ll need to find a platform or exchange that accepts voucher codes to use a crypto voucher. Look for an option to redeem or enter a voucher code during the transaction. Input the code provided on your voucher, and the value of the voucher should be credited to your account.

Is a crypto voucher legit?

Crypto vouchers are a legitimate way to purchase cryptocurrencies. However, you should exercise caution and ensure you obtain vouchers from reputable sources. Stick to well-known platforms and authorized re-sellers to minimize the risk of scams.

Where can you buy crypto vouchers?

Crypto vouchers can be purchased from various online and offline sources. Trusted crypto exchanges, retailers, and authorized resellers often offer these vouchers. Be cautious about buying from unknown sources to avoid potential fraud or fake vouchers.

Can I give Bitcoin as a gift?

Yes, you can gift Bitcoin. Some platforms offer gift cards specifically designed for purchasing Bitcoin. These cards typically have a unique code that can be redeemed on a crypto exchange or wallet.

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