White House Spanks Mike Johnson: Impeachment Is Over

It’s evident that Republicans only want to impeach President Joe Biden to retaliate against Trump’s well-earned impeachments. Their only problem is that they have presented no evidence of wrongdoing on Biden’s part. It reveals a lot about Republicans, though, and Biden’s White House pointed that out to House Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson on Friday.

The Hill reports:

“I write to you today because it is clear the House Republican impeachment is over,” White House counsel Ed Siskel wrote in the letter to Johnson, which was also shared with the top lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee and House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

In his first-ever letter to the Speaker, Siskel laid out a dozen instances where witnesses interviewed by lawmakers have refuted allegations that the president profited from his family members’ business ventures.

Siskel highlighted testimony from the president’s son, Hunter Biden, his brother, James Biden, and multiple former business associates of Hunter Biden who each said the president was not involved in their business dealings.

The letter also noted two expert witnesses at the House GOP’s first impeachment hearing, Jonathan Turley and Bruce Dubinsky, who both indicated there was not enough evidence of wrongdoing to support articles of impeachment.

“It is obviously time to move on, Mr. Speaker. This impeachment is over. There is too much important work to be done for the A

Republicans are Trump’s flying monkeys, trying to exact revenge over his impeachments instead of governing. Maybe, just maybe, they should find a candidate that wants to earn our votes instead of a guy who’s busily criming around to the point of facing 91 felonies.

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