Wormhole to use AMD chips for scalable, light client proofs

The partnership aims to enhance the platform’s capacity for secure cross-chain messages using zero-knowledge proofs, leveraging AMD’s Alveo U55C and U250 adaptable accelerator cards.

Wormhole, an interoperability platform, has announced a collaboration with AMD to utilize its enterprise-grade FPGA hardware accelerator chips.

Wormhole serves as a bridge solution, connecting over 30 blockchains, and has integrated zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to facilitate secure transfers across these networks.

The platform is developing light client implementations to create secure corridors for messaging between blockchains.

The complexity of generating and verifying these proofs across networks demands substantial computational power, a gap AMD’s FPGA chips are set to fill.

“AMD plays a critical role in this effort by providing enterprise-grade FPGA and GPU hardware and lending deep hardware expertise to Wormhole ZK engineers to ensure efficiency and speed,” said Dan Reecer, co-founder and chief operating officer at Wormhole Foundation.

The collaboration extends beyond hardware provision, with AMD also contributing its hardware acceleration expertise to bolster the scalability of applications within the Wormhole ecosystem.

In the wake of a Wormhole security breach in February 2022, which led to a significant loss in ETH from the network, the project’s emphasis on security has intensified.

Wormhole and its contributors are set to roll out mainnet deployments of various ZK light clients in the coming months, including collaborating with Succinct Labs to enhance the Ethereum-based ZK light client.

Wormhole’s initiative to establish secure communication channels across major blockchains like Ethereum, Near, Solana, Aptos, Sui, and Cosmos emphasizes the project’s commitment to improving security and decentralization.

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